PA System

The Public Address System provides all / selective announcements through loud speakers connected to it. It is used usually to make announcements in times of emergencies and in normal conditions is used to play music.

Proximity cards and readers are the most commonly used Access Control system these days. The name proximity is derived from the fact that there is no direct contact between the card and the sensor unlike some of the older technologies. The proximity card can read from the range of 4" to 2 feet depending on the type of reader used (either short or long range). The cards are available in 26 bit or 32 bit weigand formats. The card emits a signal, which is read by the card reader. Every card has a unique number and comes with a facility code, which is unique to the particular facility. These will be linked to the employee register to obtain daily and monthly reports. The card is programmed in the system, and when the card is swiped it is checked for authenticity and the access is granted. This in turn actuates various access devices/barriers

All Industries, Commercial Complexes

This system typically consists of loud speakers, paging microphone, amplifier and speaker zone selector panel. The loud speakers of various wattages are placed across the building. The microphone is used to announce the various messages to be paged. The speakers are driven by adequate power amplifier, which is designed based on the number of speakers connected to the system.

A zone selector panel is used to select the specific number of speakers where the message is to be paged.