Video Surveillance Systems form a vital part of any buildings surveillance set up, as they help in monitoring the movement of people. The prime application of Video Surveillance Systemsis to identify any unauthorized movements and to help avoid any untoward incidents from taking place in the campus.

Video Surveillance Systems can be used to monitor the interiors of the campus as well as the perimeter of the building. It can record and store the information that can be retrieved and referred to later for scrutiny.

With the advent of IP technology in Video Surveillance, more and more installations of medium to large surveillance (CCTV) systems use IP technology for providing a robust and state-of-the-art solutions to the end user.
IP Surveillance systems have inherent advantages which include
a. High resolution recording
b. Flexible frame rate setting for monitoring and recording
c. Infinite scalability
d. System approach
e. Capability to tie in "Video Analytics" for intelligent surveillance.

SAFE has done a number of projects using IP Surveillance Solutions across the country.

The Smart Cards as the name suggests are an active device and have a memory chip attached to it to store the data. These cards are used not only for access but other applications like cash vending centers, canteen applications etc. The cards are available either in a contact or contact less format. These cards are used in conjunction with smart card readers / writers.

Commercial Buildings, Industries, Residential Apartments, Theatres, etc.